Comforsa visits Ege Endüstri in Izmir, Turkey

Comforsa’s Director General and Executive Director, as well as the Director and a representative from the commercial department flew to Turkey to meet the management team of Ege Endüsti and visit their factories in Izmir on 20th of May. Ege Endüstri is

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Visit from the Japanese firm Iseki

On 24th April Comforsa welcomed the representatives of the Quality and Purchasing department of the Japanese company Iseki. Iseki specializes in the manufacture of tractors and other heavy machinery used in the cultivation of rice crops. As a result of

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Membres de Yanmar i Comforsa a les oficines de Forjas de Cantabria durant la visita

Yanmar visits Comforsa 4

On 13th of March, Comforsa received a delegation from the Japanese firm Yanmar, which is a world leader in the manufacture of engines for vessels and other marine vehicles. The Yanmar representatives visited and audited the facilities of Comforsa 4, wh

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Membres de Meritor i Comforsa a les oficines de Meritor Europa a Itàlia

Comforsa visits the headquarters of Meritor Europe

On 14th of March, Comforsa’s Director General, Executive Director and commercial department traveled to Cameri in Italy to visit the European headquarters of Meritor. Meritor is a world leading company in the manufacture of truck axles and one of Comfo

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