Introduction (by the director)


On my own behalf and that of the entire Comforsa team, I give you the most cordial of welcomes and invite you to get to know who we are, our industrial project and our products.

It was nearly a century ago that we fostered the link between forging, engineering and territory. Comforsa makes an important contribution to the shared economy and embodies many of the values that characterise Catalan business in terms of export capability, creativity, innovation and the ability to attract human capital.

With a strong commitment to research, Comforsa represents the most advanced creativity, innovation, technology, design and engineering in the world of forging because we dream up new ways of perceiving and facing the challenges presented by society both today and in the future. New methods, new ways, new perspectives that help us to be who we are, where we are and also to grow.

We are strengthening our position both in social and industrial terms by opting to make an impact on an international level based on the exchange and transfer of knowledge using co-engineering techniques and partnerships with collaborating companies and institutions.

With a strong territorial commitment, Comforsa boasts a team capable of providing comprehensive solutions to customers with final or semi-finished steel products that feature high levels of technological development and added value.


Reca Vidiella
Managing Director

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