Financial results

Comforsa has a workforce of 400 employees and an annual turnover of around 70 million euros. Exports represent 90% of our business, mostly to Europe and the United States. Europe, the NAFTA region and Asia represent the main areas to which we ship the products manufactured at our production centres in Catalonia and Cantabria. Through agreements and alliances with strategic international partners, our products are present in over 20 countries in the industrial vehicles, civil engineering, car manufacture, shipbuilding, agricultural and railway sectors. The guiding principles of our activity are speed, efficiency and attention to the highest international standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment.


Comforsa’s annual production exceeds 50,000 tonnes in parts, of which 55% are for the industrial vehicle sector, 26% for earthmoving equipment and about 10% for the car industry.
Comforsa’s economic solidity allows us to undertake investments aimed at bringing in new working methods and incorporating advanced technologies to become more competitive. Projects to improve the facilities, processes, implement measures for environmental protection and energy saving, in addition to employee training all converge to achieve our goal: providing advanced forging solutions to meet the needs of our customers and help to differentiate their products.