Vision, mission, values

Disseminating Comforsa’s knowledge and experience in the world of forging and metalworking to provide full satisfaction to users of products equipped with components manufactured by us. At Comforsa we are convinced that precision, quality and safety are the key to making the complex mechanism of the world run better.

Providing advanced forging solutions to meet the needs of our customers and enabling them to differentiate their products while improving their competitiveness. Our advanced technical development, constant technological innovation and continuous improvement in processes, along with our excellent team, mean that we can offer high added-value products that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Quality, service and commitment; Quality defined as meeting the expectations, specifications and needs of our clients. This is our commitment: to maintain all operations in order to guarantee complete stability in quality and service.

Service defined as Comforsa’s ability to provide answers and solutions quickly, efficiently and competitively, providing our customers with the necessary facilities and advantages for their activity. In other words, from product development, through production, packaging and transport, incorporating streamlined and customised management of orders, sales and a direct relationship with customers.

And finally, commitment; to customers, and also to suppliers, employees and the society in which Comforsa operates. We know that providing the most competitive advanced forging solutions underpinned by values of quality and service means we must also make a commitment to our suppliers – who are responsible for ensuring the supply of raw materials in accordance with stipulated quality requirements and deadlines; commitment to all Comforsa workers – because the only way to fulfil our mission is by adding our strengths; commitment to our surrounding environment, because Comforsa’s activity generates a significant impact on the economic and social fabric of the region where it is located.