Our solutions. Caterpillar case

Caterpillar, a world leader in manufacturing heavy plant for public works, is one of the international customers with whom Comforsa has long-standing commercial ties. Comforsa is one of the main international forgers of track links for the American group and enjoys Silver category for this customer.

Track links are essential in the manufacture of the undercarriages used to drive excavators and tractors, since they are parts subject to heavy mechanical stress.

The technical departments of Comforsa and Caterpillar have worked together in co- engineering these parts to improve techniques in a continuous step-by-step development towards perfecting design and manufacturing processes.

Within this process, Comforsa has managed to reduce the forging tolerances to the threshold of what is called Net Forging. These tolerances have been reduced from ± 3mm to ± 0.5mm. This is an important step forward, since these low tolerances allow our customers to dispense with machining entire parts of the track link, with all the financial savings this involves. Furthermore, and within the same project, Comforsa technicians have reduced the yield of these track links from 140% to 120%.

Comforsa has a powerful and innovative technical and R&D department that is always customer-oriented and ready to undertake co-engineering projects to achieve technical excellence and a product that is optimal in terms of quality and cost.

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