Our solutions. SAF Holland case

SAF-Holland is one of the leading manufacturers of axles and components for commercial vehicles and trailers in both the European and U.S. markets. Comforsa supplies this prestigious multinational with the Brake Spider, a vital safety part able to withstand the forces generated by the braking system.

Close collaboration between the technical departments of SAF-Holland and Comforsa Research and Development has made it possible to replace standardised heat treatment with Control Cooling, while ensuring that material structure and properties conform to the customer’s specifications.

This improvement was made possible thanks to exhaustive testing in the process, as well as numerous, stringent controls in our laboratories, which are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the quality of our metallurgical products.

The control cooling process enables our customers to enjoy significant cost savings. This process has replaced the traditional “Standardised” heat treatment which required high energy consumption to achieve the right temperatures in the furnace and maintain these over time.

This close collaboration between our technical and R&D department and our customers helps to optimise and improve the competitiveness of our product to the point of excellence.

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