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Yanmar visits Comforsa 4

On 13th of March, Comforsa received a delegation from the Japanese firm Yanmar, which is a world leader in the manufacture of engines for vessels and other marine vehicles. The Yanmar representatives visited and audited the facilities of...

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Comforsa visits the headquarters of Meritor Europe

On 14th of March, Comforsa’s Director General, Executive Director and commercial department traveled to Cameri in Italy to visit the European headquarters of Meritor. Meritor is a world leading company in the manufacture of truck axles and one of Comforsa’s main...

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Pedro Nueno visits Comforsa

The local council and the local Association of Intersectoral Companies (UIER) organized an event to debate the challenges faced by the local industry in the current century of globalization. The event took place on 13th February and focused on...

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The Minister Àngels Chacón visits Comforsa

Àngels Chacón, the Minister of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia, met with Comforsa’s Director General and the rest of the management team in one of the factories in Campdevànol. The management team presented the company’s...

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