The local council and the local Association of Intersectoral Companies (UIER) organized an event to debate the challenges faced by the local industry in the current century of globalization.

The event took place on 13th February and focused on both the challenges and the opportunities the local industry faces in the current environment of globalisation, which affects all manufacturing sectors.

The main speaker of the conference was Pedro Nueno, professor at the IESE Business School in Barcelona, which is also an industrial engineer and has an international reputation in the creation of new enterprises, particularly in Asia. The audience included about 50 business people, local politicians and hotel managers.
Before the event, Professor Nueno visited Comforsa’s factories to learn about the innovative technology used in Comforsa 4, which specialises in the machining of large crankshafts for diesel engines, and in the new factory Comforsa 7, which has a heavy forging press of 8,000Tn.

As a result of the visit, the professor praised the high level of automation and innovation used in Comforsa’s manufacturing process, which is key to the establishment of the company as an international leader in its sector, and acknowledged the benefits this brings to other local industries.

Comforsa’s management team, including the Director General Reca Vidiella and the Executive Director Josep Puig, guided and accompanied the Professor and the other visitors during the tour to the factories.