Dear valued customers,

COMFORSA regrets the current global situation caused by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and wants to reassure its clients that the company is operating as usual.

COMFORSA abides by all the prevention measures to prevent the contagion of the virus dictated by the Government and by the relevant international authorities. Additionally, the company has established a set of additional prevention measures to guard all of its personnel, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders against any risk.

COMFORSA has always worked seamlessly across multiple locations and it is used to being in constant contact with representatives and sales agents who constantly travel around the world. For that reason, COMFORSA can continue its activity without interruption despite the restrictions imposed on business trips, which have been temporarily substituted by teleconference calls and other types of communications.

For those business processes that cannot be performed remotely, COMFORSA has implemented prevention protocols such as regular hand-washing and disinfection, regular sanitising of surfaces, strict access controls for visitors and logistic agents, a track of interactions with international stakeholders, and a close monitoring and application of all the relevant recommendations and requirements for international trade in the current context.

COMFORSA has also adopted measures to ensure its activity can continue as usual and that the needs of our customers can be met without interruption in the event that the Spanish and Catalan governments are forced to implement more intense restrictions in the following weeks.

For example, the company has increased its stock production and intensified its stock management, as well as identifying a list of potential raw material suppliers located in different parts of the world so that we can plan ahead of any potential international transport restrictions.


Reca Vidiella
Managing Director
Comercial de la Forja, S.A.U

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