• Comforsa completes a whole year with profits.

  • Generalitat approved a new increase of capital.

  • During last year, 1.7M € have been invested in the production plants.

  • Comforsa completed the first year with profits since the company started the new Strategic Plan, in which the company form the basis of its long-term consolidation strategy.

Comforsa’s positive trend is continuing and the company accumulates 12 months in a row with profits, despite the slowdown in the economy from Europe and USA. These good results are the result of the strict implementation of the company’s Strategin Plan for efficiency and resource and expenses optimization. Currently, the company estimates to close the 2019 accounts with a break-even operating income (EBIT).

Reca Vidiella, CEO of the company, affirms that during the last “12 months, we have known how to take actions and react quickly and decidedly to confront the economical slowdown on the Europe and USA markets to strengthen our global competitivity. Additionally, we have designed a comercial politic that let us to improve urplusses and to reduce the risk”.

All these good balances will be accompanied by the new increase of capital (4.5M €) that Generalitat approved on Semptember 17th. The increase of capital is another aspect to prove the Generalitat’s trust in the company and its capacity to continue the positive trend in the future.

The increase of capital and the good balances will let Comforsa to keep implementing the investment programme from the Strategic Plan of the company. During the last 9 months, more than 1.7M€ have been invested in machinery. These investments have been dispersed among all the production plants and they include machining lathes, quality scanners or machining centers. The goal is to improve Comforsa’s productivity and to make the company even more competitive to continue the positive trend of the last 12 months.