The Government of Catalonia has allocated 10 million euros to Comforsa through its trading company AVANÇA, which aims to promote the industrial transformation of Catalonia and provide technical, administrative and economic support to Catalan businesses. It is the second capital increase allocated to Comforsa over the last 6 months. The capital will be used to increase the company’s cash flow and to fund the renewal and updating of the manufacturing machinery.

The decision sends a clear message that the Government supports Comforsa’s business, which has been part of the economy in the Ripollès area for centuries and that still continues to have a significant impact on the local economy.

Comforsa is implementing a new strategy that aims to improve the company’s benefits and to achieve sustained growth through the prioritisation of efficient sales. This will allow the company to strengthen its position as the world leader in specialized and high-value-added products for the heavy automotive industry (trucks, trailers, earthmoving machinery and naval engines).
The strategy has been driven by the new Director General Reca Vidiella, whose priorities include an accurate management of the manufacturing process to increase the company’s efficiency and to have tighter control of the industrial expenses; as well as a responsible investment plan to improve the manufacturing capacity and the competitiveness and quality of all of the company’s products. Another of the strategy’s main pillars is the leverage of the knowledge and expertise of Comforsa’s workforce as well as the investment in its human capital.