Production Process

One of the strengths of Comforsa is its meticulous production process, from carefully selecting the most suitable steel input for its production to the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

This production process has allowed Comforsa to enhance its international reputation, especially regarding those pieces and components with high added value: machined and heat-treated products, etc. We aim to achieve fully satisfaction from our customers by being innovative in our design and production process through investment in research, robotisation and automation.


Raw material is an essential part of the finished product, which is why Comforsa works with the finest steelmakers to guarantee the best quality for our customers. Throughout the entire production process, the steel is identifiable and measurable so that we can track its final cost and composition.


At the initial stage of a project, Comforsa is very keen to contribute with solid knowledge on the latest manufacturing technologies available in the high added-value forging industry in order to develop products in collaboration with its customers. In this way, side by side with the customer, we select the materials, design and manufacture process with the aim of optimising both the production resources and the final results.

Mould production

Comforsa makes the most appropriate moulds to suit the needs of the customer. Comforsa has an extensive track record and in-depth Know-How on the design, manufacture and maintenance of moulds for forging and extrusion, in order to provide innovative solutions for producing parts, giving it a competitive edge over other forging companies.


Our main production procedure is based on shaping steel into metallic parts using compression, while hot, between two hard surfaces, one fixed and the other mobile. Comforsa has one of the biggest presses in Europe, weighing 8,000 tonnes, allowing us to manufacture large automotive parts that are highly resistant and geometrically complex.


Comforsa is committed to added value forging, increasing the number of operations that feature high levels of technology such as machining and heat treatment to present the customer with a final product that provides excellent quality, precision and tolerance. Comforsa products are manufactured to withstand high levels of fatigue and wear thanks to heat treatments and hardening performed in the machining process.

Quality management

At every step of the manufacturing process, Comforsa monitors the materials and implementation processes as well as performing final checks and tests on the finish ed product by means of non-destructive trials using magnetic particles. The company is clear in its view that the end quality depends as much on the implementation processes as on the intrinsic quality of the materials. These materials, being the result of industrial processes, display quite stable characteristics and, in many cases, are accompanied by quality assurance certification.

Quality Certification

The COMFORSA quality system is based on using the most technologically advanced equipment for testing and measurement controls to achieve the high quality required from each of our products.

Our company has been certified by all its customers as well by the International Standards ISO-TS 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.


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Comforsa works with the following certifying companies to certify the final products: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, LRS, NK and RINA.


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