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Comforsa relies on a team of more than 370 professionals and a management team who strive to provide comprehensive solutions in the world of forging. It is the motivation, human capital and commitment of our workforce that provides the strength to be able to offer our customers a fully committed service at all times.


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Comforsa designs an Annual Training Plan to guarantee that its employees are suitably trained and continuously developing, so that they can acquire, improve and update their skills and professional qualifications. Training assists us in adapting to productivity requirements and improving the competitiveness of the company.

Production centres

Comforsa is committed to developing forging solutions with a high level of quality and competitiveness in order to satisfy our customers. Comforsa’s four production centres are all in the Ripollès region of Catalonia: three in the town of Campdevànol and one in Ripoll.

Comforsa 2 Light Forge

This light forging plant located in Campdevànol mainly produces track links and automotive parts among other items. We are experts in components with high levels of technical complexity.

  • Net weight up to 25 kg.
  • Mechanical presses from 1,600 tonnes up to 4,000 tonnes.
  • Premises: Total area: 28,800 m² – Covered area: 12,450 m².


Products: track links, brackets, rifled rods, rocker arms, segments, counterweights.

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Tn yearly production

m2 total area

Comforsa 3 Extrusion and machining of hubs

Plant located in Ripoll for the extrusion and machining of hubs for the rear axles of trucks and trailers with a fully automated production line.

  • Components weighing up to 25 kg for carbon steel alloys.
  • Hydraulic presses: 800 tonnes, 1,200 tonnes and 2,000 tonnes.
  • Premises: Total area: 20,500 m² – Covered area: 13,300 m².


Products: hubs for the rear axles of trucks, hubs for trailer axles.

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annual axle ends

m2 total area

Comforsa 4 Machining of crankshafts

Machining plant for two-metre long crankshafts made with carbon steel alloys and microalloyed steel.

  • Batches of medium to low volume for primary equipment.
  • A plant totally equipped with machining centres (CNC).
  • Orbital milling machines, automatic boring machines, induction hardening, grinding centres, balancing cells, polishers.
  • Premises: Total area: 20,000 m² – Covered area: 8,000 m².


Products: crankshafts for medium and heavy diesel engines,  crankshafts
for marine engines, crankshafts for stationary engines, crankshafts for special vehicles.

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anual crankshafts

m2 total area

Comforsa 7 Heavy Forge

Heavy forging plant with a totally automated 8,000 tonne press with controlled cooling.

  • Hot stamping of carbon steel alloy and microalloyed steel.
  • Maximum net weight: 75kg.


Products: hubs for the rear axles of trucks, hubs for trailer axles,
differential boxes, brackets, agricultural attachments.

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Tn anual production

Comforsa 1Commercial Headquarters

Business headquarters in Barcelona responsible for the commercial participation in both domestic and foreign markets. The staff team of this department is responsible for the sales and marketing processes of Comforsa products.

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