On June 26, Comercial de la Forja, SAU underwent a rigorous external audit to evaluate the established protocols and the protection measures adopted to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The result of the audit was highly satisfactory and the company has obtained the Covid-19 Safe Company certificate by the APPLUS accreditation entity. This certificate guarantees compliance with all the measures established in Spanish legislation and all the recommendations of the World Health Organization regarding the prevention of Covid-19.

Since the start of the pandemic, Comforsa has shown that the health of all its workers, as well as that of all employees, and their respective families, is a priority for the company.

For months, among other measures, Comforsa has followed a strict control of access to its facilities that includes taking body temperature with non-contact thermometers, the obligatory use of Personal Protective Equipment (such as masks and gloves) and the disinfection of hands and footwear.

In order to guarantee safety distances between workers and reduce the concentration of workers in the same space, Comforsa has implemented measures to make working hours more flexible, including the adoption of teleworking in roles where it has been possible and the reduction of working hours from 30 minutes for shifts of production plants.

In addition, the company has contracted extraordinary actions for cleaning and disinfecting the common-use enclosures and has offered to carry out a quick Covid-19 detection test for all workers and external personnel of providers who offer their services in the company facilities on a recurring basis. The level of participation has been very high, exceeding 99% of all those called and the results have been very satisfactory, with 0 cases of infection present.

Accreditation as a Safe Company against Covid-19 demonstrates Comforsa’s commitment to guarantee the health of all its personnel, as well as the health of all people who have contact and reaffirms the company’s commitment to its territory and the people who are part of it. Furthermore, this certificate provides confidence that, in the event of a pandemic outbreak, Comforsa is prepared to contain possible infections and thus guarantee the continuity of its activity.