Comforsa differentiates itself from its competitors through our commitment to deliver products of high quality and high value added. The company continuously invests in new machinery and improvements to our facilities to optimize the production processes and to manufacture more accurate forging products and of better quality. The investments also allow us to improve our safety measures, reduce costs and increase the company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

Over the last few months, Comforsa has invested about 1.3 million euros in several lathes, machining centers and a quality scanner. The investments have been allocated to the different productive centers as explained below.

The quality scanner has been installed in Comforsa 2. It has a laser sensor that scans each component and compares its real shape with that of the original design (CAD model). This allows the testing of the pieces in 3 dimensions and while being manufactured. As a result, any deviations from the technical design can be corrected immediately. The investment has had a cost of 120,000€ and represents a technological leap for Comforsa since it will increase the quality of our products and therefore the satisfaction of our customers.

Comforsa 3 has invested 394,000€ in two turret lathes and 114,000€ in a roughing lathe with the objective of increasing the productivity of the machining cells of the factory. The investments replace the previous machinery that was becoming obsolete at the same time that reduce the time required for the machining process and minimize the wear out of the mechanisms.

The investments in Comforsa 4 include a machining center for axle ends with an incorporated spider (spindle-spider) and a machining cell for differential cases. The former has had a cost of 96,000€ and allows the company to meet the most exigent quality requirements from our customers. This is because it allows a more accurate and productive manufacturing than the previous device, with fewer stops required during the manufacturing process and fewer tools consumed.

The investment of 415,000€ in the machining cell is necessary for the machining of the differential cases produced in Comforsa 7, which uses the heavy 8,000Tn forging press. This new factory has increased Comforsa’s manufacturing capacity substantially, as well as the range of references that can be manufactured, which has led to new needs in machining capabilities. The cell is formed of two lathes and a robotic arm.

The latest investment in Comforsa 8, where the dies used in our factories are produced, is a machining center that can produce dies with a weight of up to 1,000Kg, at high speed and with high precision. The acquisition of the 147,000€ unit is particularly important for the production of the dies required in the 8,000Tn press in Comforsa 7, some of which had to be outsourced previously. This will lead to a reduction in the company’s expenses.